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October 10, 2019

Part 3 – Liberation Theology: An Insufficient View of Sin

For Part 1: Two Christologies and Liberation Theology For Part 2: History of Liberation Theology In order to understand salvation, one must be able to have some concept of sin. Sin is not limited to something that someone does outwardly,…
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September 15, 2019

History Liberation Theology: Part 2

For Part 1 Go here   In 1959, the Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of Pope John XXII created Vatican II, one hundred years after Vatican I. The First Vatican Council of the Roman Catholic Church was the twentieth…
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August 31, 2019

Two Christologies and Liberation Theology: Part 1

Historically, many theologians and Bible scholars have embarked to understand and explain who Jesus Christ is. The formal term for this kind of study is called Christology. Christology is defined as a specific type of theology that focuses on the…
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