Vanity and the Sin of Insecurity

Ariel and Kesha, along with Amriel, (ariel’s daughter) come together to talk about a topic that seems to always be controversial in Christian women circles. To start the conversation, they analyze some recent comments made by Ayesha Curry on the Red Talk Table.


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  • hey ariel I appreciate your education on snatched bodies. please tell your daughter that Jesus cries with her when people see the clothes she wears and call her a lesbian. she should be commended for her modest dress sense. its possible to dress in a way that attracts a man without being immodest. most men are more attracted to women who cover up more areas of their body cos it makes them more mysterious and it makes him more hungry to see what his eyes aren’t viewing. obviously a guy should be more interested in a womans character personality and ability than he is in her physical appearance otherwise he isn’t worth marrying or dating. its terrible that any women should feel she needs to appeal to the opposite sex outside of her marriage covenant after shes tied the knot. its sad that some women aren’t feeling validated by their husbands so they feel they have to invite flirtation by the outfits they choose. in biblical times prostitutes wore veils so it isn’t always how little you wear its the intention behind your dress choices <3

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