Valuing Cultural Expression

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Ariel and Lisa sat down this past Saturday to talk about the value of cultural expressions in the church. How much is too much? How much is too little? Does it even matter?

Does a “neutral” church setting exist? Should we give more value to our preferred way to “do” church (music or preaching style) and superimpose that on everyone else or is diversity just about counting bodies with certain degrees of melanin? What does diversity in the church really look like and is it possible to truly attain it?

These are the topics that are discussed in this podcast episode.

Some of our listeners might not be able to relate to everything these ladies discuss, but hopefully, there is something to be learned. They are real. They are transparent. They will always glorify God. They are the women of Kaleoscope.

To propel the conversation, here is an article from Christianity Today that discusses this subject further: Why You Can’t Just Give Them The Gospel



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