Christian Dating

The Bible does not tell Christians how to date. That leaves so many unanswered questions for many Christians trying to figure out this thing called “Christian dating.”

On today’s episode, we not only have a multigenerational aspect going on, but an international one as well, as Ariel and Lisa chit-chat with special guest, Diana, one of our Kaleoscope contributors from Malawi, Africa.

With Diana sharing her voice from across the globe, the ladies dive into this very sticky topic, showing that there is no right way or wrong way to do Christian Dating, but there are Biblical parameters that we should consider. As usual, the ladies are transparent in sharing their stories and perspectives.

We hope this podcast edifies.

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  • daniel says:

    the first picture looks like what i hope my dream honey and i look like when we grow old. its not that i havent found her its just the whole long distance schamozzle. thanks for discussing a much needed topic for our world. if all relationships were guided by Jesus and wise people like you this world would be a better place <3

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