Self Care, Women and the Gospel

By January 14, 2018 2 Comments


Episode 2:

Lisa and Ariel discuss the topic of self care after coming across a recirculated article on Facebook, This Is What Self Care Really Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Bath’s And Chocolate Cake, written by Brianna Wiest, a former editor of Thought Magazine.

We talk about what it looks like for women to differentiate between self care and spiritual disciplines, along with how the Gospel informs our ideas on what it looks like to care for ourselves in a manner that glorifies God using Barbara Hughes,  —->  Disciplines of a Godly Women.




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  • daniel says:

    i enjoyed your thoughts on self care
    i dont believe its possible for us to do anything thats beneficial to ourselves without the assistance of divine hands
    its true that in caring for ourselves we shouldnt be selfish
    society tries to push the lie all the time that we need to think of ourselves before anyone else but as christians the key to joy is Jesus first ourselves last and others in between
    of course it is easier to find time for yourself when you are single than it is when you are a mother or a wife so i sympathize
    i can relate to what you were saying about feeling convicted when you listen to music
    i used to get the shakes in my fingers whenever i would think of buying certain cds
    that was Gods way of keeping a check in my spirit
    i dont believe God wants us to listen to any music that uses swearing or discusses sex outside of Gods covenant design in marriage
    ditto for movies
    Jesus needed time away from His disciples but He never spent time alone cos He was always in constant communication with HIs Spirit and son selves.
    self care for Him never looked like isolation or cutting everybody else off from Him for a temporary period of time.
    self actualization is demonic cos it attempts to put man in the driver’s seat of his or her own life and shove God in the boot or onto the road which is nuts cos without Him there is no raw material for the car or the driver 🙂
    even when people dont believe in God when they think they are making themselves feel better its truly just God working behind the scenes boosting their mood
    He could choose to reveal Himself and tell them how much He loves them and He does do that at times.
    self care is healthy so long as it doesnt become self deification.
    God bless you heaps my peeps and sisters in Jesus

  • Doug says:

    Thanks for your article. Seeking accurate information is among the
    biggest concerns for the younger generation.

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