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By December 31, 2017 5 Comments

Kaleoscope brings you a new podcast by our editors, Ariel and Lisa. Please check out our intro episode. Here we introduce who we are and why we are venturing into the world of podcasting. We also talk about what our podcast will be about, share our purpose and discuss pitfalls we want to avoid.

This is our very first one so please be gracious. We are learning as we go and since we are two moms with busy lives, one living in Dallas and the other living in San Diego, the sound quality from my (Ariel) end is a little echo-y. My podcast mentor told me that a closet was a good place to record, due to the clothes helping to absorb the sound from bouncing around. I naively thought that the shower curtain and my kids bathroom towels hanging on the back of the door would have provided what was necessary for good quality sound. Podcast fail #1….it didn’t. That won’t happen again. Prayerfully it’s not too distracting from the content.

Let us know what you think.

Happy Listening!


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  • Carrie says:

    Great first podcast. It is a good building block for more to come. I appreciate the idea of telling the truth, not blaming, and acknowledging how God alone takes us forward. I have appreciated reading this website so far and look forward to more podcasts.

  • Persis says:

    Thanks, sisters. Looking forward to more podcasts.

  • Mckinley Caughman says:

    Great first episode of many more to come, a fresh and sound alternative to what is available now for sisters of faith, my pray is that you both will grow in your venture as Podcaster, and grow in the glory of God in all you do. Soli Deo Gloria.

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