Reflections from Christians of Color

Christians of color have a beautiful and unique voice.

We read and study scripture, maneuver through church life and community as well as interact with our culture, regardless of what country we live in, in ways that add depth to the Christian faith. This site serves as a way for Christians of color to find and share their voice by bringing perspectives from around the globe to one collaborative space.

We are Christians of color.

But more importantly, we are a people of God.

We are Christians of color.

But more importantly, we are a people of God.

Our unique perspective is shaped by our faith in Christ,

the newness of life he has created in us and what God has purposed for this world through him.

We filter all experiences through this grid,

and seek to address them according to his paradigm, not through a secular mindset disguised as the gospel.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Robinson

Editor / Contributor

Lisa Robinson holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and is a member of Town North Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Richardson, TX. She was born in Chicago, grew up in Los Angeles and Inglewood, California, then spent 14 years in New England. She now lives in Dallas, Texas. Her varied geographic localities are matched by an eclectic Christian journey that has inspired her to hold God’s promises dear according to what he has revealed through his written word that testifies to the incarnate Word, Jesus Christ and his kingdom reign. Lisa has spent her professional life in the nonprofit sector working on behalf of poverty alleviation and addressing issues in disenfranchised communities. She has two children, Priya (28) and Christopher (20) and has been widowed since 2004.

Lisa blogs at https://theothoughts.com/

Darrell Bernard Harrison

Editor / Contributor

Born and raised in the inner-city housing projects of west Atlanta, Georgia, Darrell currently resides in the Atlanta suburb of Covington. Darrell served in the United States Army and is an alum of Liberty University. He is a Fellow of the Black Theology and Leadership Institute (BTLI) of Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) in Princeton, New Jersey, and also holds a C:TM from PTS.

Darrell blogs at www.justthinking.me.

Ariel Gonzales Bovat

Editor / Contributor

Ariel is a Mexican American wife to Paul, mother of 4, currently homeschooling her two youngest, 16 and 11. She is an advocate for women to deeply study God’s word. She has taught women’s Bible studies on and off for the last 7 years and enjoys discipling younger women one on one.

She has a BA in English and is currently pursing two masters degrees, Counseling and Theological Studies, from Midwestern Theological Seminary. She started Kaleoscope out of a desire to share the various voices and perspectives of Christians of color. She blogs at http://www.arielgbovat.com.

Meet Our Contributors

Diana Nkhoma


Diana currently lives in the city of Blantyre, Malawi, Africa. She serves as a staff person for a Christian Organization that is centered on discipling teenagers in Malawi. Diana is passionate about theology, African urban culture and art, she writes often on these topics on her personal blog iamnotagoddess.com.

You can find her on social media as @iamnotagoddess.

Kofi Adu-Boahen


Kofi is from London, England and currently lives in Medford, Oregon with his wife, Laura. He attends church at Bear Creek Church, a non-denominational Reformed church.

He blogs at fierylogic.com.

Samuel Sey


My name is Samuel. I am a Ghanaian-Canadian currently residing in Brampton, Ontario, a great city just outside of Toronto. I am a Christian and a member of a wonderful church in Toronto named Grace Fellowship Church.

I suppose I could write much more than that, but I trust that my articles on theology, social issues, and much more will give you a greater understanding of everything you might want to know about me.

I blog at slowtowrite.com

Ruth Colas-Smith


Ruth was born and raised and still currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, Raun and two daughters, Evidence and Cadence. Ruth enjoys building with her daughters and other women through theology in the most unpretentious means as possible.

Ruth blogs at https://thedamselindistressandthevillian.wordpress.com/

Persis Lorenti


Persis is a 1st generation Asian American and single mom. She serves as deacon of library/resources at a 1689 Reformed Baptist church. She has a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Computer Science but now spends more time reading theology and history. You can find her at https://triedbyfire.blogspot.com,
and occasionally at http://www.placefortruth.org/taxonomy/term/115/all

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