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One of our very own, editor and contributor, Darrell, recently sat down with Dawain Atkinson over at the The Bar Podcast and talked about some much needed reminders and exhortations for Christians concerning the current social justice climate occurring not only outside the church, but inside the church as well.

Side note: Darrell and I had a conference call earlier today and we talked about many of the points he brought up in the podcast, which I had not listened to yet. After we hung up, I had mom duties to take care of – making dinner, driving my daughter to dance class, stopping by the grocery store to buy the rest of the ingredients for dinner, etc. When I finally sat down to eat, I played this episode at the dinner table so my whole family could listen to it. Let me just say that I found myself saying “Amen” throughout most of it.

It’s so good! I pray it encourages your heart and mind the way it did mine.

Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast, ASAP, in case you haven’t heard of it. Their “about” page says this:

The B.A.R. stands for Biblical and Reformed. This is a podcast that looks at the world with a biblical world view and reformed theological perspective, examining current events, as well as interviewing great guests. Exposing our audience to sound biblical doctrine and theology.

Love everything about this. SUBSCRIBE!!

GRACIAS! and your welcome.



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